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Network virtualization provided by VMware NSX is a key pillar of the SDDC, and Rackspace has built tremendous experience deploying and operating NSX in our internal operation over the past couple years. One of our Rackers even wrote a book about NSX — the definitive guide to getting your hands dirty with this powerful new network technology.

Rackspace recently deployed a virtual distributed firewall solution using the micro-segmentation capabilities of VMware NSX to rapidly meet PCI-DSS 3.1 standards. There were many routes to PCI-DSS 3.1 compliance in our server virtualization management infrastructure, but VMware NSX was a clear winner on multiple fronts.

Download the case study to learn more about how Rackspace leveraged VMware NSX to rapidly meet evolving PCI compliance standards within the enormous VMware vSphere infrastructure that our server virtualization offering is built upon.

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